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Now that you’ve decided to enhance your overall health and wellness with an infrared sauna, how do you decide which one to purchase? Although the sauna selection process may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Here are 10 helpful tips to ensure you make a sound investment when selecting an infrared sauna.

1: Decide on DIY or Kit

You can choose to build your own custom sauna or you can select from a variety of sauna kits that come with everything you need and install in about an hour.

Ask yourself: ‘How handy am I?’ If your idea of being handy is changing the occasional lightbulb, set your sights on an easy-to-assemble package ready to be put together this weekend. Now, if you’re the jack-of-all-trades, get-it-done-myself type, prove your worth and DIY it from the ground up!

2: Select the Appropriate Sauna Size

Will it just be you or will others be enjoying the sauna as well? Some infrared saunas only accommodate one person at a time. These models may work well if you are looking for a private sanctuary, but can be limiting if used in a family or group setting. A variety of different size FIR saunas are available to ensure you can find a model during your sauna selection to accommodate your individual needs.

3: Choose the Location

Measure the location where the sauna will be placed. What are the dimensions of the allotted space and is there an adequate electrical outlet nearby?


Although infrared saunas have far fewer space and electrical requirements than a steam room, there are a few things to think about before deciding on a location and a model. Factors like ease of access, impact on existing location utility, and the view from inside are important to keep in mind.

4: Find the Right Sauna Wood

Infrared saunas can be composed of various types of wood. Durable wood choices like spruce or cedar are premium sauna selections and should be preferred over materials such as plywood. Cedar, in particular is highly resistant to splitting and shrinking. During the sauna selection process this is something to consider for sweating and detoxifying.

5: Understand the Heating System – Ceramic vs. Carbon vs. Both

Ceramic heaters represent the original infrared sauna heater and have been around for many years. They can get much hotter than a carbon heater and have a longer warm up time to reach their optimal temperature. They are also challenged when providing an even room temperature and often create hot or cold areas.  The surface area of these heaters can get quite hot and produce a relatively short infrared wavelength so will not offer as much benefit as a carbon based heater.

Carbon heaters are thin, light, and provide an even and safe surface temperature and they can last up to 50 years! One of the most distinctive features of a carbon heater is its ability to distribute heat evenly throughout the sauna. It heats up quickly (in about 10 minutes) which results in a less expensive energy bill, yet they are not as hot as a ceramic heater when touched.  Carbon heaters produce a longer infrared wave and will be more in tune with the human body.


Each heater delivers pros and cons, but which one is best? Clearlight Saunas® is in the process of patenting the only Carbon/Ceramic infrared sauna heater to offer the best of both worlds. The Clearlight True Wave II infrared sauna heater provides the long beneficial waves of a carbon heater and the high output of a ceramic heater combined into one heater.

Also, make sure your infrared sauna has heaters all around you.  Many companies do not use front wall heaters in their saunas.  All Clearlight Saunas® have heaters on the back wall, front wall, side walls, under the bench, by your calves and in the floor.  You are surrounded by infrared heat.

6: Think Safety

Most FIR sauna users are looking to improve health, making safety an important consideration when deciding what sauna to buy. When purchasing an infrared sauna, it is crucial to consider the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Electric Fields (ELF). The EPA has put in place a 3mG (milligauss) safety limit for EMF levels for human exposure.  Where you are sitting in the a Clearlight Sauna® , the EMF levels are virtually zero.

7: Ensure Quality

Look for the highest quality and craftsmanship possible during your sauna selection process. This will ensure you are making a solid investment in a sauna that is built to last.

Here are a few important quality factors to consider:
• No VOC glues should be used to ensure there is no unhealthy outgassing.
• A timer to monitor your sessions to ensure you are following recommended duration times.
• Kiln-dried/air dried, fine-grain wood construction to minimize warping and cracking and to offer a beautiful look.• An even heat that radiates from all areas of the sauna to ensure a consistent temperature throughout and infrared heat over your entire body.

8: Get an Optimal Warranty

Gather all information about the warranty and what coverage entails. If you are buying from a third party, it may be difficult to get in touch with the manufacturer and the warranty may be limited. Here are a few things to ensure are covered in your infrared sauna warranty.

• Heating System
• Power Supply
• Control Panel
• Wood
• Glass

9: Demand Stellar Customer Service

Consider your FIR sauna purchase an investment. Like any other major purchase, you will want peace of mind in knowing you will be well taken care of if anything happens to go wrong.

Much like the warranty considerations, buying from a third party vendor can leave you without adequate customer service. Be sure that you know where to call with any questions or concerns before you decide to buy.

10: Make it Fun with Customization!

Are you interested in light therapy? How about an audio system? There are a variety of entertainment options that can be added to your infrared sauna to make your experience more exciting and customized to your tastes.

The considerations may seem endless when shopping for the right infrared sauna. Using these sauna selection tips as you start your search can help you make an informed decision in no time! Taking the time to research the specific models, materials, and companies ahead of time will ensure you find a reputable infrared sauna company and the right sauna for you.