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How to Create a Perfect Spa Day at Home

Going to the spa is a luxurious experience, but it isn’t always necessary to spend the money on spa treatments. A spa day is the ultimate way to decompress for parents. You can go to a physical spa or set up your own sanctuary at home. At home, claim the bathroom for an hour, draw a relaxing bath, light some candles, and surround yourself with sounds and scents that soothe you. If you have an infrared sauna at home, have a 20-minute session to decompress.

While going to a spa may be more expensive, the act of leaving the house feels like you are making time for yourself more than if you were to stay home. Spas offer services like massages and facials along with amenities such as saunas and steam rooms for the ultimate day of relaxation. Learn how to pamper yourself at home with your very own oasis. See our favorite products here for pampering without leaving the house!


How to Pamper Yourself at Home

Set Time for Yourself

The first step to creating a perfect spa day at home is making sure you’ve set aside some time for yourself. Clear your schedule, whether it’s for an hour or for an entire weekend, so you can properly immerse yourself in the experience. Also, be sure you’ve completed anything urgent before your spa day. Nothing quite ruins the relaxing vibe like remembering the errands you forgot to run. You deserve the time to unwind and relax, so make sure you make time for yourself!

Stay Hydrated

Have you ever had the delicious water they serve at spas, usually infused with refreshing fruits and herbs? Not only is it a refreshing drink, but staying hydrated during a spa day is crucial to feeling healthy and rejuvenated at the end of the day. Whether you’re replenishing your electrolytes after sweating it out in a sauna or trying to flush out toxins after a massage, water should be a staple in your spa day at home. Some of our favorite spa water combos are:

  • Strawberry + Mint + Lime
  • Watermelon + Basil
  • Cucumber + Orange
  • Pineapple + Ginger + Mint
  • Peach + Basil
Healthy-Spa-Water-with-Strawberry-Lime-and-Mint (1)

Eat Healthy Meals

Just like staying hydrated is important, eating fresh fruits and vegetables can make your at-home spa day a healthy retreat. Eat lightly, don’t have large meals, and snack consistently throughout the day so you don’t suffer from any stomach discomfort while you are trying to relax. If you aren’t big on salads, try to find healthy alternatives to the foods you like. Spa days aren’t just meant to let you relax, they’re meant to nourish your mind and body wholly. Spa treatments on the outside, nourishing food on the inside!

Use an Infrared Sauna

Using an infrared sauna during your spa day at home is an incredible way to pamper yourself. Infrared heat therapy penetrates deep into your skin to help ease muscle aches, increase circulation, and detoxify your skin. This is a great first activity in your spa day, as it helps put your body into relaxation mode for the rest of the day. The detoxification process also helps open the pores, making it easier for your skin to absorb any products you may apply during your spa day. Infrared sauna use also helps reduce stress and affects the autonomic nervous system to help put you in the rest and digest state for proper healing.

You can also incorporate aromatherapy, chromotherapy, halotherapy, and red light therapy to enhance your home spa day even further. If you enjoy yoga, do a restorative hot yoga session in your sauna to stretch and meditate.


Take a Bath or Shower

After using the sauna, it is incredibly important to rinse off with cool water to avoid clogging your pores. Rinse off with a quick shower first, then relax in either a hot shower or bath to get back into relaxation mode. If showering, do an exfoliating body scrub and some aromatherapy with the shower steam to make a truly luxurious experience. In the bath, make it special with bubbles or a bath bomb. Remember to moisturize after a bath or shower to keep your skin healthy.

Indulge in Spa Treatments

You can’t have a spa day at home without some sort of spa treatment! This part can be as simple or complex as you would like, whether you make a DIY face mask or splurge on expensive home spa products. If you’re on the DIY track, there are plenty of treatments to choose from such as face masks, body scrubs, and hair masks. If going shopping for your spa products, items can range from $2 sheet masks to $400 serums. Whatever you choose, make sure there are no ingredients that may cause you irritation. Other than that, apply your at-home spa treatments and enjoy!


Light Candles

This tip may seem simple, but sometimes those simple actions can be all you need to get into a relaxed mindset. In today’s world, we are constantly in front of screens and bright lights. At the end of your day of pampering, take your spa day at home to a softer level my lighting candles and taking time to slow down. Avoid using scents that are too strong, and try putting your phone away and reading while surrounded by the ambiance of candles for a grounding and calming experience.

Learning how to pamper yourself at home is a valuable life skill, as it teaches you how to tune in to your body and give it the time it needs to relax and restore. It is very easy to get caught up in life and forget to slow down, so start off with rewarding yourself with an hour of uninterrupted self-care a week. As mentioned earlier, a spa day at home doesn’t have to be a full day, it can be an hour or even a full weekend. Whenever your schedule allows, take time for yourself with these tips for a perfect spa day at home.