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An infrared sauna can provide you with a transformational experience that can become an integral part of your wellness routine. As awareness of the numerous physical and psychological benefits of sauna use grows, so does the popularity of investing in a sauna. When shopping for the best sauna, make sure to research the sauna materials and its structural qualities to ensure your investment is safe and long-lasting.

While some sauna construction is completed using cheap materials in order to keep production costs down, the benefits of sauna use may be offset by other health issues that stem from those unsafe materials. Look for saunas crafted with toxin-free, sustainably sourced materials. The following are factors you should take into consideration when browsing the sauna market.


Wood Quality

Infrared saunas are typically constructed with spruce, redwood, hemlock, poplar, basswood or cedar. The most quality, benefit-rich types of wood are North American Basswood and Western Red Canadian Cedar (WRCC). Both of these woods have distinctive features that result in varying styles and benefits.

Basswood is a white wood and features a fine, even texture. It is hypoallergenic, making it the best option for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). With its rich, warm tones and tight, straight grain, Western Red Canadian Cedar (WRCC)  is also a great option for use in a sauna. WRCC runs from a lighter honey color to a richer red color and is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  The oils in the cedar wood will help keep your sauna clean for many years.  WRCC is considered non-aromatic cedar and this mild cedar aroma will enhance sauna experience. Both types of wood are resistant to splitting and will provide you with a long-lasting investment piece for your home.

Low Electromagnetic Fields

The average person is exposed to small amounts of EMF every day, which is not considered to be a health risk. However, once these levels reach a certain range, they are considered dangerous and can cause health issues. When perusing the market, take this into consideration and look for a low EMF https://clearlightsaunas.my/true-wave-low-emf infrared sauna. Clearlight Infrared Saunas use True Wave™ infrared heaters which have eliminated this concern by developing patented technologies that cancel out EMF and reduces the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) to safe levels.  In addition, these saunas are constructed with electrical wiring shielded in grounded metal conduit to eliminate any residual harmful wavelengths. This allows you to confidently enjoy your sauna, knowing it is completely safe.


Infrared Heaters

The infrared heaters in your saunas are the most critical aspects when making your sauna purchase choice. Typically, sauna heaters belong to one of two categories: ceramic and carbon. Both types of heaters have their strengths and weaknesses.

Ceramic heaters are better at producing larger amounts of heat, but they produce a shorter, less beneficial wavelength.  They also tend to distribute the heat unevenly. On the other hand, carbon heaters tend to produce less infrared heat but produce a longer infrared wavelength for more benefit.  The heat is also distributed more evenly. Look for a sauna that utilizes a combination of both types of heaters to take advantage of both strengths. A state-of-the-art TrueWave™ infrared heater is comprised of micro-thin carbon fibers combined with a patented ceramic compound. The result is an increase in the emissivity of the infrared wavelength, meaning your body is heated evenly throughout. A TrueWave™ infrared heater will provide you with the most effective heat therapy benefits.

Combining both of these technologies into one heater gives you the best of both worlds. Our Clearlight True Wave infrared heaters are the only combination carbon/ceramic infrared heat and are comprised of micro-thin carbon fibers combined with a patented ceramic compound. The result is you will receive the long wave of a carbon heater with the high output of a ceramic heater combined into one heater.  You will receive more benefit faster.

Structural Design

The first step in finding a quality sauna to invest in is to research the sauna materials used. Once you confirm quality materials, the next factor to consider is how those materials are crafted to create the sauna.  Jacuzzi® Saunas set an example of refined craftsmanship. Furniture quality construction, smart modern construction techniques, and rigorous sauna safety testing are some of the factors that characterize a sauna that is built to last.


Choosing a Quality Sauna

An investment in an infrared sauna is an investment in your health and well-being. When searching for the right sauna for your home, make sure to take into consideration the quality of the materials and level of craftsmanship used to construct it. Longevity, safety, and sauna experience are all dependent upon what the sauna is made of and how it is built. Take advantage of the relaxing, therapeutic benefits of an infrared sauna by investing in one that is created with your well-being in mind.