Setting-up a soothing, peaceful setting is key to your client’s enjoyment, relaxation and overall well-being. More importantly, it’s paramount to a client wanting to return again and again, thereby impacting your ROI. The bottom line is to create the most positive customer experience where repeat visits is something you can count on. Let us recommend the following to help establish your place of business as a sanctuary of healing and wellness.


  • Supply fresh towels and robes
  • Provide a shower
  • Supply bottled water
  • Wipe down the sauna after each use with a non-toxic, organic cleaner
  • Create ambient lighting for each sauna room
  • Supply a waiver
  • Maintain a website to promote the business and to book appointments
  • Create a peaceful setting
  • Provide a space that uncluttered
  • Collect customer’s testimonials
  • Have a well-trained staff

We want your business to succeed. So much so, that once you’ve purchased a Jacuzzi® infrared sauna from us, we’ll even be happy make mention of your business and tag it on our social media channels.