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Spending time in a sauna tends to make people happier and healthier versions of themselves, and that’s a New Year’s resolution worth keeping! Let’s look at ten ways to make you a better “you!”


The New Year is right around the corner, and every day up until the ball drops provides us with the opportunity to make positive and healthy choices in life. From emphasizing the concept of mindfulness in all you do to focusing inward and making self-care a priority in your life, there is no doubt that the connection between being a “better version of you” and taking care of yourself is real. Let’s take a look at how to be a better you in the New Year, including 10 unique ways to boost your health, wellness, and vitality on a daily basis.

10 Self-Care Tips for the New Year 

  1. Learn to Meditate
    Practicing this ancient art of mindfulness has proven to calm the mind and soothe the soul. Meditation relaxes the body and mind from the inside out and has been proven to minimize stress, boost weight loss, sharpen emotional processing, and even effectively quell depression. This is an excellent way to improve mental wellness.
  1. Get a massage
    It’s called massage therapy for a reason! Scheduling regular massages help relax the muscles, eases joint pain, lowers stress and even acts as a motivation for “good behavior” in other areas of your life. Though massage has therapeutic benefits, it also feels terrific and can be quite relaxing… what other motivation do you need?
  1. Spend Time in a Sauna
    Seriously, is there anything more relaxing or therapeutic than a sauna? The warm air, soothing lighting, and calm interior of a top-quality infrared sauna act as a veritable meditation chamber that gently yet effectively detoxifies the body and relaxes the mind and spirit. Spending time in a sauna is a terrific way to improve your health and wellness this New Year, and the latest in IR saunas on the market today make it incredibly easy and convenient to enjoy the benefits of a sauna at home.
  1. Schedule a Nap
    Think it sounds impossible to squeeze in a 30-minute nap each day? Well, according to a recent NY Times article, the average Facebook user dedicates about 50 minutes to the social media platform every 24 hours. Try limiting your social media time and instead use the time to catch up on a bit of sleep. Getting enough sleep is one of the most powerful self-care routines you can adopt.
  1. Read a Book
    Put aside the e-readers and cell phone for a bit and cuddle up to a good old-fashioned book (yes, we mean the kind with paper pages). Reading not only helps boost your ability to think, analyze and create concept connections, but it also helps you sleep when you spend time with a real book and not an electronic version of one.
  1. Focus on Positivity
    While this might seem easier said than done, being negative about situations – especially those that are out of our control – does little to boost our sense of happiness and empowerment. Instead, try to coax your thought processes to identify and react to negative situations with a one-two-punch approach. Start by recognizing the negative situation, then find a way to introduce a positive aspect. For example, if someone at work is annoying you, focus instead on three people whom you do get along with.
  1. Disconnect for Two Hours Per Day
    We live in an interconnected world, but that isn’t always a good thing. In fact, recent research has shown a disturbing correlation between constant connection (via your cell phone, tablet, email, etc.) to a heightened risk of depression, anxiety and disrupted sleep patterns. If you’re committed to being the best possible version of you this New Year, schedule time to disconnect each day. This might mean putting your phone on silent while you clean the kitchen, going for a walk and keeping your phone on silent, or any other realistic way you can unplug from the world for a bit.
  1. Learn to Say “No”
    When it comes to creating the best version of you, it pays to know who “you” are! Turn down one invitation to a social engagement per month, and take the time you’d have normally spent getting dressed, commuting to and from the gathering, and the event itself, and allocate that time to doing something for yourself. Use the money you would have spent on the event and mindfully treat yourself. Obviously, you’ll want to use discretion here (don’t skip your sister’s wedding!), but even saving a few hours a month can help you reinvest in yourself.
  1. Create a Daily Gratitude List
    Think you’re totally aware of all the great things going on in your life? It’s made that much more apparent when you think about and catalog a short list of daily gratitude items. You don’t have to compile a lengthy list of super-intense items – just include simple things like “I’m grateful for the rain” or “I’m grateful for these new jeans I bought.”
  1. Stop Trying to be Perfect
    One of the most freeing feelings you can introduce into your daily routine is the concept of “I’m going to aim for perfection, but be content with really good.” Don’t beat yourself up if your diet falls off the rails a bit. Don’t stress over a missed day at the gym. Skip the feelings of remorse over a night out that went a bit too late. You’re human, and your goal should be to be the best version of yourself… not a flawless example for all of humanity.

This New Year, keep the focus inward for a change. Act mindfully when it comes to your overall sense of well-being, and take steps to prioritize your own growth as you move into 2018. From spending time in a sauna to learning to enjoy the little things in life, you’re in for a terrific New Year.