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The holidays are right around the corner, and today it’s easier than ever to dig up online holiday gift guides jam-packed with the latest in electronic gadgets, home décor items, jewelry and more. But ask yourself, do your loved ones really need the latest handheld gizmo or an overpriced ring from the local strip mall jewelry store? Probably not. Instead, consider the gift of health and wellness this holiday season and choose a sauna to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Let’s look at how an infrared sauna can help you and your family stay healthy during the holidays, and why they make such amazing gifts.

Saunas Promote Weight Loss

The holidays can be tough on the waistline, which is one reason why our New Year’s resolution lists tend to include at least one bullet point about losing weight. Saunas promote weight loss by increasing your metabolic rate during use. When your metabolism is elevated during sauna use, your body will naturally burn calories – even if you’re simply sitting in the heated space.

Saunas Detoxify the Body

Saunas, especially infrared saunas, deliver serious detoxifying benefits when used regularly. You’ll sweat profusely while in the sauna, and that creates a veritable river of sweat that effectively channels numerous toxins and junk out of your system. If good health is important to you and your family, a sauna is one of the few ways to truly clean up your system from the inside out.You’ll Boost the Immune System.


Notice how the body responds to an infection or illness with a fever? This is exactly why an infrared sauna is so beneficial for the user’s immune system. By creating an “artificial fever,” the deep heating of the infrared rays tricks the body into exercising its immune response – thereby strengthening the overall immune system and boosting your general resistance to illness.

Provides Pain Relief

If you or your loved ones suffer from achy joints, muscle pain or other musculoskeletal concerns, a sauna can be a saving grace. Muscles tend to relax when heat is applied, which promotes greater range of motion and flexibility – especially important if you plan on doing Yoga or light exercise while in the sauna. The circulatory benefits of spending time in a sauna can boost the transportation of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, helping speed up recovery.

Stress Reduction

What can be better than delivering a gift of less stress this holiday season? Even a short stint in a sauna can help you and your loved ones feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the stresses of life. And, a sauna in the home removes an added stress – visiting the health club or gym and having to share a sauna with total strangers. The immune system boost correlates with a better ability to stave off illness, which can also boost your overall sense of wellbeing and minimize stress.


Improves Skin Tone

By safely elevating the heart rate and boosting circulation, an infrared sauna can reduce the appearance of cellulite and help remove impurities in the skin. The profuse sweating wash away dead skin cells, leaving your pores purified and beautifully clean. The enhanced blood circulation balances skin tone and texture, and users often report significantly better results when treating acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions.

Helps Address Age-Related Joint Issues

The joints tend to tighten and stiffen with age, but infrared saunas have been used for years now to treat this debilitating condition. Having a sauna in the home can promote frequent use, and that may be therapy enough to help you or your affected family member feel better. Saunas have been used to treat muscle spasms, sprains, bursitis, neuralgia and other joint concerns.

Makes Exercise More Effective

Yoga is terrific, but have you ever tried hot yoga? Better yet, have you ever experienced hot Yoga in the comfort of your own home – without having to get in the car and drive to the fitness center? If you haven’t, consider this a huge benefit of having a sauna in the home. Yoga is amazing for the mind and spirit, and works wonders in creating a healthy body, and hot Yoga takes the entire thing and cranks it up a notch. Even simple exercises and stretching routines are more effective when performed in a sauna.

So infrared saunas make terrific holiday gifts, but which model is right for you and your family? The answer isn’t so simple, but there are a few questions to help you before ordering your personal relaxation chamber:

  • What are your size constraints?

It will save you time, money and hassle if your new sauna integrates easily into your allotted space. A compact unit like the Sanctuary 1 from Clearlight might be the answer.

  • What’s your budget?

Decide ahead of time what your budget is.  Remember, though, that you’ll save your family time and money by installing a sauna in the home and foregoing that expensive fitness club membership.  A high quality infrared sauna will last you a lifetime.

  • What features are important to you?

Have you considered the benefits of chromotherapy (light therapy)? Maybe a reservation mode is important to you. Or, specific cabinetry and glass designs are something you’ll want to consider. Today’s infrared saunas offer a variety of unique models with a range of diverse features.

Ordering a new infrared sauna this holiday season not only represents an incredible gift for your loved ones, it is also an investment in the health and wellness of your family. For more information about Clearlight infrared saunas, contact the sauna experts at Infraredsauna.com today!