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What to get for Father’s Day? The age-old question that not only stump the children, but often stump the dads as well. Getting a new tie or some socks is always nice, but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate your family. If you’re the kind of father who doesn’t need any more stuff, or if your kids are on the lookout for unique gifts for parents, these fun gift ideas are for you. We’ve included a range of activities and ways to spend some quality time with your children on this special day.

Grandparents With Children Enjoying Outdoor Barbecue

For the Home Chef

Meals bring a family together, and the kitchen is where the magic happens. There’s nothing like a good home-cooked meal to get the conversation flowing around the dinner table. Ask your kids to spend time with you in the kitchen cooking, baking, grilling – whatever culinary experience floats your boat! This makes for a great bonding experience because you get to spend quality time with them and maybe even teach them something new.

For Father’s Day, consider these customizable grill tongs and BBQ cutting boards, or a Himalayan Salt Block, designed to add a nice flavor to seared meats and vegetables. Put those tools to work by throwing a Father’s Day barbecue where you can show off your skills and spend some laid back family time together.

For the Traveler

If you have the travel bug, Father’s Day is a great opportunity to ask for those travel accessories that may not be essentials. A nice passport cover, unique travel guides, upgraded camera accessories… all things that go a little bit further than your suitcase and carry-on. The best part about these gifts is that you can take your children’s thoughtfulness with you everywhere you go.

And for something bigger – ask to go on a trip together! Either suggest to start planning a big trip for next Father’s Day, or plan a short and spontaneous trip for this year. Even just a weekend away is a fun way to spend quality time together. Planning a tropical vacation or international trip may be shooting for the stars, especially when coordinating with multiple family members, so keep it simple with a staycation or simple visit from the kids or grandkids. After all, quality time together is the greatest gift of all.

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For the Bookworm

Sometimes, opening up a new book is just what we need. Ask your kids for some new books to add to your collection, whether it’s a book you want or if you want to try something new. Perhaps start reading a new book together and have weekly check-ins for a family book club. This way, you can talk to your kids regularly while sharing a new story together. Alternatively, if your children didn’t get the bookworm gene from you, ask for a subscription to a monthly book service for a few months.

If you love to read but physical books aren’t as convenient as you would like, you may have considered trying eReaders. These eReaders are perfect for those on the go who don’t want to carry around a multitude of books everywhere they go. From cookbooks to comics to biographies to novels, your library can easily be at your fingertips. The Amazon Kindle is the most popular option, and with different models, you can find one in your price range. Ask your kids for an eReader for Father’s Day and you’ll be using this gift for years to come.

For the Health-Conscious

Getting active this summer? Fitness trackers are a great way to stay accountable and pursue your health and fitness goals. You could also ask for a gym membership or workout class that you and the kids can do together. If the gym isn’t your style, a great Father’s Day activity to do together is going outside. This can mean simply going on a hike together, or planning a full-on excursion like surfing or kayaking! Be sure to bring a camera, as sometimes the best gifts from our children are the memories.

If your health goal is to relax rather than get your blood pumping, head to the sauna. Spending time in a sauna can have huge health benefits, and when you’ve raised a family, you know how important parental stress management can be. Infrared saunas can be found in local gyms and spas, or you can install one in your home for your very own sanctuary. And with 1-person saunas to 5-person saunas, you can decide if you want this to be you time or family time!


For the Nature Lover

Even dads love flowers, but if you want to switch it up this year, ask for a plant that lasts longer than a just a few days, such as a miniature bonsai tree, to set up in your home or at work. Alternatively, ask for an herb garden starter kit so it can be multipurpose – for looks and ingredients! Having a plant to care for will remind you of your children every day while bringing nature into your home.

If you want to spend time with your family and still get outside, go on a hike, a bike ride, take a walk around a local community garden, or spend time gardening at home together. Or, head down to the local farmer’s market to enjoy the warmer weather, pick up some fresh, local produce, and spend time with the kids. Don’t forget your reusable tote to keep the planet healthy! Whether it’s fishing, hiking, golfing, or just hanging out, spending time together outside is the perfect Father’s Day celebration.

We hope these unique Father’s Day gift ideas and activities helped you plan for the upcoming holiday. Whether you have your eye on a new piece of tech or are just hoping for a weekend with the kids, this guide to unique gifts for parents will help you get what you ask for this year!